Instead of running on issues, I am running on solutions. Real Chance Real Change is my initiative for our returning citizens that will provide wraparound services, including housing, vocational training, mental health, and financial literacy. During this time, program members will serve as advocates in the neighborhoods they came up in. This will provide much needed additional advocacy for our forgotten neighborhoods. After completion of the program, jobs will be guaranteed by local businesses who are incentivized by state tax credits. The designed impact of this initiative would therefore be to reduce recidivism and new participants of criminal activity, while providing more skilled labor to local businesses.

Secondly, there is an alarming increase in the amount of crimes committed by juveniles. I hear it all of time when talking to our residents. We need to provide better alternatives than the corner for our youth and young adults! That is why I will be partnering with dedicated youth advocate Charles “Choo” Smith to bring a bond bill to build a full-service facility in our district which will provide after-school learning, counseling, professional development, and recreation among other activities.

Finally, I when I was searching for a location for my business in the district, I was frustrated with the lack of suitable options. So I want to establish more enterprise zones within the district to attract more businesses and ultimately more jobs for our residents. The common theme in my slate of solutions is community-focused economic development.